Affordable Health Care Benefits

Colorado Senior Care Advisors now represents eDocHome offering health care benefits to our clients and their family!

The concept of providing access to medical care utilizing the telehealth system through eDocHome was developed to meet the need raised by medical providers who expressed challenges of providing quality medical care to their patients. Now eDocHome has evolved and grown to be a national platform for medical access.

Through our affiliation with eDocHome we offer national coverage to individuals and to companies that have roots based in Colorado.

You can lower your healthcare costs and reduce office visit fees or Urgent Care and ER visits by using these AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE BENEFITS.

Join the fastest growing segment of healthcare and get reliable healthcare services 24/7 365 days per year directly by a board certified doctor and in the comfort of your own home. No more wasted time with office visits, Urgent Care or ER waiting rooms.

This is not a Government Plan.
This is not a Subsidized Plan.
There are:

  • NO Turndowns – you can’t be denied
  • NO Qualifying – all conditions accepted
  • NO Waivers – no financial qualifying
  • NO Exclusions – same benefits for all

Healthcare has just become affordable to everyone. Pricing is the same for all.
The cost is only $14.95 per month to cover an individual and their entire immediate family.
No Added Fees – No Hidden Costs – No Co-Pays

For more information call 800-390-9305

To enroll in eDocHomeCare, visit the Enrollment Page.