Seven Stones

Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery is uniquely conceived to celebrate lives well lived, cultivating a sense of peace and hope that thrives in gathering spaces with fire pits and comfortable seats; memorials inspired by nature and art; and plants, paths and vistas that encourage family and friends to visit often and … [Read more...]

RJ Anderson Financial, LLC

At R J Anderson Financial, our team's combined experience, credentials and knowledge of a wide-range of products and services allow our firm to provide top-quality, cost-effective financial strategies that are designed to help our clients realize their financial goals. Whether it's developing a financial strategy, creating … [Read more...]

Metro Medicaid Consultants

Metro Medicaid Consultants will guide you through the jungle of government regulations. David and Kelly Jennings are non-attorney advocates that help individuals and families work through the full long-term care Medicaid process. They are very passionate and committed to helping individuals and families in our community. … [Read more...]

Accessible Systems

With 17 years experience, Accessible Systems specialize in accessible homes. Visit Colorado's only adapted show-home and experience what it takes to make an accessible home both functional and beautiful. The adapted home showcases solutions like stair-lifts, ramps, railings, elevator systems, room to room transfer … [Read more...]

Baby Boomers Survival Guide-Lesson 2-Plan Ahead

Baby Boomers Survival Guide – Lesson 2 – Plan Ahead Every Baby Boomer I know is adamant that we are special and will redefine what it means to be old. We will continue to work out, we will still wear jeans and t-shirts, climb mountains, ski the most difficult slopes, and ride our bikes everywhere. I mean can you imagine … [Read more...]


Taking the Mystery Out of Medicaid What is Medicaid? Medicaid comprises a group of programs that provide health insurance to Colorado residents who meet the income and resource criteria for eligibility. Medicaid provides coverage for among others, physician services, prescription drugs (not covered by … [Read more...]

The Aging Boomer Survival Guide – Lesson 1 – We are our Parents

    Nobody wants to grow old, least of all us Baby Boomers.  Weren’t we born cool, hip, like no generation before us?   We are the generation who stopped a war, discovered sex, drugs, and rock and roll, grew our hair to lengths that drove our parents nuts, and never thought we’d live this long, given that we … [Read more...]