Financial Tips for Seniors Who Want to Have Fun on a Fixed Income

This article comes to us from Karen Weeks. Karen writes articles on budgeting tips for seniors who are living on a fixed income, focusing on how they can still enjoy their golden years with a little bit of financial tweaking. We hope you enjoy the article and learn some helpful hints in the process. Is being on a … [Read more...]

Planning Ahead: How You Can Help Your Aging Loved One Manage Their Finances

Here is another interesting and informative article from Christian Worstell.  This edition is on helping your loved one manage their finances.  It is packed with useful information to help you with this difficult and sometimes touchy subject.   Asking for help can be tough, so you have to be proactive and take the … [Read more...]

How to Let Go: Tips for Senior Downsizing

Our latest article comes to us from freelance writer Christian Worstell.  Christian is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Thank you Christian for submitting this informative and helpful article.   It is human nature to keep the things that mean the most to us close. Over a lifetime though, this habit can amount … [Read more...]

Enhanced Lighting Provides Smart and Simple Aging-in-Place Solutions

We are pleased to present another article from author and caregiving authority June Duncan.  Difficulties with vision is a common problem for aging adults.  In this article you will learn some interesting and straight forward ways that improved lighting can make your home environment safer and more pleasing. Image … [Read more...]

Pleural Mesothelioma – Cancer From Asbestos Exposure Affecting Seniors

Pleural mesothelioma is a cancer that develops in the cells that form the outer lining of the lungs and inner lining of the chest cavities. It is the most common type of asbestos-related cancer. Clinical trials offer access to new treatments such as immunotherapy. All types of mesothelioma are named after the location where … [Read more...]

Practicing Yoga Confidently as a Senior

In this article we feature a new writer on our blog, Harry Cline. Harry is creator of and author of the upcoming book, The A-Z Home Care Handbook: Health Management How-Tos for Senior Caregivers. As a retired nursing home administrator, father of three, and caregiver to his ninety-year-old uncle, Harry … [Read more...]

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

Author and caregiver June Duncan is back with a new article for us on the importance of taking care of yourself, the caregiver.  We see it all the time where it ends up that the caregiver is the one that gets sick, sometimes in very serious ways.  Paying attention to the warning signs and making adjustments to your routine … [Read more...]

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources for Caregivers

Being a caregiver is one of the most selfless roles anyone can fulfill. In many cases, it means putting someone else’s needs above your own, sacrificing your time and peace of mind, and finding higher levels of patience and understanding. It can create a sense of purpose, but it can also be very taxing and physically … [Read more...]

Guide To An Accessible Home for Seniors

In this latest article from author and caregiver June Duncan, June tells us all about the things to look for when considering a home that will be the most user friendly for aging adults.  Most experts agree that living independently in your own home is the preferred alternative as long as it is safe to do so.  Looking for a … [Read more...]

The Best Advice for Bringing an Elderly Loved One into Your Home

Today we have another article from June Duncan, author of the new book entitled 'The Complete Guide to Caregiving: A Daily Companion for New Senior Caregivers'.  Today's article is: The Best Advice for Bringing an Elderly Loved One into Your Home  by June Duncan Author and … [Read more...]