Pleural Mesothelioma – Cancer From Asbestos Exposure Affecting Seniors

Pleural mesothelioma is a cancer that develops in the cells that form the outer lining of the lungs and inner lining of the chest cavities. It is the most common type of asbestos-related cancer. Clinical trials offer access to new treatments such as immunotherapy. All types of mesothelioma are named after the location where they form.
It usually takes from 20 to 50 years for mesothelioma to develop after a person’s first exposure to asbestos. Because of this latency period, the disease usually affects people older than 75.
Most patients are men because they were the majority of the workforce in professions, including heavy industry and construction, where asbestos exposure historically occurred.
Initial symptoms of malignant pleural mesothelioma include chest pain and shortness of breath. You may experience no symptoms at all in the early stages of the cancer’s progression.
The life expectancy of someone with pleural mesothelioma is often less than 18 months, but it depends on many factors.
Some patients live much longer with treatment. Combining several treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, has helped people live for years after being diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. Clinical trials offer access to new treatments such as immunotherapy.

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